Foley scandal

Josh Marshall is all over this story, and he sums up the issues nicely with his latest post. The GOP has plenty to answer for – what did the leadership know and when did they know it. This story has legs.


Jim Webb on Hardball

Here’s the video of Jim Webb’s recent appearance on Hardball. He’s on a roll.


Why has the mainstream media stopped covering the war in Iraq?

Since Dan Abrams took over programming at MSNBC, I’ve noticed two changes – lame documentaries on the schedule after 10 PM and very little coverage of the Iraq War.

It’s not quite as bad at CNN, but coverage of the deteriorating situation in Iraq no longer seems like a priority for the mainstream media. Once the war in Lebanon started, it seems like they shifted their correspondents, and all their coverage, to that conflict, but then never brought them back. Perhaps it’s a cost issue. Perhaps they’re too obsessed with ratings. Either way, they are abdicating their responsibilities . . . again.

I wonder if Abrams watches “Hardball” with Chris Matthews. Matthews blasted the media tonight for ignoring the carnage in Iraq, and pointing out how this is playing into the GOP’s strategy to distract the public from the war.

Speaking of Matthews, Jim Webb was on tonight and gave the best interview I’ve ever seen him give. Matthews tried to get him to discuss George Allen’s current problems with the truth, but Webb scolded Matthews and made him focus on the issues. He gave a very clear explanation of what needed to be done in Iraq. I hope Virginians were able to see this performance.


Hysterical reactions to Pope’s statements

This is getting to be ridiculous. Radical Muslims are calling for the Pope’s death? And our government thinks we can create Jeffersonian democracies in the Middle East?


Frist sneaks gambling provision into military bill

Do we really need the government to ban online gambling? We’re in the middle of a war, and this is what the GOP leadership has decided to push as a priority.

Senator Bill Frist is trying to sneak the provision to prohibit people from using credit cards to settle Internet gambling debts.

Is anyone in Congress willing to protect our liberties? Certianly not the GOP. The religious right would ban everything fun if they had their way. The Democrats aren’t much better. They don’t want to ban this stuff, but they’re gutless and afraid to stand up to the religious nuts in this country. Just look at the Terry Schiavo fiasco.


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