More Clinton Iraq spin

In an incredible appearance on Meet the Press, Hillary Clinton argued that she was not voting for war in 2002 when she voted for the Iraq War resolution but was instead a vote to put inspectors back in so Saddam would not remain unchecked.

This effort to spin her vote for the war is pathetic. Everyone in the country knew George W. Bush was determined to go to war. She was either terribly naive or she’s now being dishonest.

Barack Obama responded quickly today to Clinton’s absurd arguments, saying “[Hillary Clinton] suggested that I didn’t clearly and unambiguously oppose the war in Iraq when it is absolutely clear. And anyone who has followed this knows that I did. I stood up against the war when she was voting for it, at a time when she didn’t read the intelligence reports or give diplomacy a chance.”

The Obama campaign also put out a detailed memo demonstrating that his position was not identical to Hillary’s position after he joined the Senate as Mrs. Clinton claimed. He was arguing for withdrawel and a timetable and Clinton continuously expressed her opposition to setting a timetable for withdrawel.


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