The Great Divider

I have to admit I was completely wrong about Hillary Clinton. I actually believed that when the time was right, she would do the right thing and try to unite the party to defeat John McCain in November. How could I be so foolish.

Her speech tonight was a disgrace. On this historic night, when the Democratic Party nominated the first African-American candidate in history, Hillary Clinton insisted that this was her night, not Obama’s night. She wouldn’t concede. She refused to rally her supporters around Barack Obama now that he has won the nomination.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a classy bone in her body. History will judge her harshly for this. Sure, at some point she will properly back Obama, but nobody should forget that she tried to make this historic night all about her.

I hope Obama doesn’t pick her as his running mate. It’s time to put the drama of the Clintons to an end.


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