The buffoonery of Harry Reid

Harry Reid is truly pathetic at times, and Jon Stewart lets him have it. This will be a tough election and Mitt Romney has certainly bungled the issue about his taxes, but as usually Reid goes over the top, like the guy who eats too much at the buffet like Stewart points out. Of course Stewart can’t help but also take some hilarious shots at the idiots on Fox & Friends.


Health care high fives

Yesterday was a good day for those of us who want universal health care coverage. It was also a good day for those of us who think CNN and Fox both suck. The video below from Politico mashes up some of the funniest reactions to the Supreme Court decision and the massive fail by CNN and Fox News.


Another reason why CNN sucks . . .

Jon Stewart mocks CNN and Piers Morgan.


Stephen Colbert on gay marriage

Leave it to Colbert to have a more humorous take on the subject:

This summer, he’ll be taking the Democratic National Convention to North Carolina, which last night defended traditional penis-in-vagina marriage.

Suck it, gays! … by which I mean, do not.



Hilarious quotes regarding gay marriage

President Obama came out yesterday in favor of gay marriage. Naturally, marriage expert Rush Limbaugh had a some harsh comments, and as usual he sounded like a fool.

Hat Tip: Abigail Obenchain


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