Ohioans are against deportation of illegals

The most recent poll in Ohio has some interesting news regarding the issue of immigration.

Let illegal immigrants stay here.

That’s what 56 percent of Ohioans said in a poll conducted this month by the University of Cincinnati Institute for Policy Research — and people polled in Southwest Ohio topped that figure.

In this corner of the state, 60 percent said they favored a government policy that allowed undocumented immigrants to stay in the country and become U.S. citizens if they met unspecified requirements in a certain timeframe.

That puts Ohioans in sync with the rest of the nation, according to a Gallup Poll last year, said Eric Rademacher, the institute’s interim co-director.

If you only listened to Fox News, Lou Dobbs and talk radio, you would assume that the entire nation is outraged by the conecpt of earned citizenship for illegals (which some call amnesty). Last year many in the media assumed that this issue would be crucial in the 2008 elections. Yet we don’t hear anything about it.

All of the Republican candidates who tried to exploit conservative anger about immigration flamed out in the primaries. Even one-time “moderates” like Rudy Giuliani flipped last year and tried to demogogue the issue in order to get the Republican nomination. He got crushed in the primaries.

America is getting serious again. We’re going through tough economic times, so it’s harder for politicians to distract the electorate with side issues like Bill Ayers, guns and illegals.

The next president will have a huge opportunity to pass a common-sense compromise on this issue that beefs up border security and provides a rational method for illegals to earn the right to stay in this country. The political rewards from such a compromise would be significant as well.


Immigration mess

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Prelude to Surrender

It’s a catchy phrase – Prelude to Surrender – I wish I had come up with that one myself. Rich Lowry uses this phrase to describe George W. Bush’s latest speech on immigration, otherwise known as his latest lame attempt to shamelessly use an issue to boost his poll numbers.

Lowry actually uses another title for his piece – “Clintonian at the Border.” As NewDonkey.com points out, things are getting realy bad for W. when the right starts comparing him to Bill Clinton.

This is a tough issue for Bush. He actually had a real policy here – he generally agreed with the Senate approach. He wants to toughen up enforcement (doesn’t everybody?), but we wanted a rational middle ground when it came to dealing with the illegal immigrants who were already hear. I don’t believe that the Senate bill can be characterized as amnesty. The earned citizenship provisions make people work to gain citizenship, after paying a fine, working for a number of years and staying out of trouble.

Yet Bush wasn’t satisfied with having a real policy that he believed in. His administration is such a mess, and his poll numbers are so low, that he decided to try to appease his right-wing base. Yet he’s treating them as if they are stupid. He has consistently insulted principled conservatives when they disagreed with them in the past (see the Harriet Miers debate and the ports fiasco). Now’s he’s throwing them a policital bone with the National Guard proposal, but he’s sticking with the Senate plan.

Lowry and other conservatives can see through this charade.


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