Ron Paul will endorse third-party candidates

Ron Paul has announced a major news conference at the National Press Club on Wednesday to ask his supporters and other voters to reject the major party candidates and to choose instead among the third party candidates.

Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning, Houston-area congressman who waged a feisty Republican primary campaign for president, is expected on Wednesday to urge supporters to reject the two major-party candidates and vote for any of the four minor-party contenders on the November ballot.

“The two parties and their candidates have no real disagreements on foreign policy, monetary policy, privacy issues, or the welfare state,” Paul is expected to say at a news conference in Washington, according to an advance copy of his remarks obtained by the Houston Chronicle.

“They both are willing to abuse the Rule of Law and ignore constitutional restraint on executive powers. Neither major party champions free markets and private property ownership.”

Although he serves in Congress as a Republican, Paul has had strong disagreements with his party’s presidential nominee, John McCain, over the wisdom of the war in Iraq and the use of American military force around the world. Although Democratic contender Barack Obama, like Paul, has opposed the war, he also espouses expanding government programs that Paul has criticized.

In his speech, Paul is planning to say that voters can send a message to the major parties by voting for the non-establishment candidates: Libertarian Party nominee Bob Barr, Green Party contender Cynthia McKinney, independent Ralph Nader or Constitution Party standard-bearer Chuck Baldwin.

Barr is attending the news conference and his candidacy could be the biggest beneficiary here, as the Libertarian Party is a logical choice for Paul’s supporters.


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