Al Franken surging in Minnesota

The Minnesota Senate race is stsrting to look like a potential pick-up for Democrats. Al Franken has taken the lead in the three latest polls in this race. The economy is obviously a factor, but Norm Coleman’s campaign is having some serious problems. Franken’s latest ad shows how the Coleman campaign has been taking clips out of context to make Franken appear to be angry and unstable (sort of like John McCain). Here’s Franken’s latest ad.

Coleman has also been embarassed by recent reports that a wealthy donor has been buying expensive suits for Coleman. His campaign spokesman had a disastrous news conference where he refused to answer simple questions about this allegation.

Races like this one might get the Democrats to 60 seats in the Senate.


Webb declared the winner in Virginia

Every once in a while, and election comes along that restores my faith in Democracy. Not simply because my candidate won, but because the more qualified and honorable candidate won.

Jim Webb’s victory over George Allen is one of those elections.


Webb opens small lead

Will George Allen’s lame attempt to criticize Jim Webb’s writings backfire? Webb has opened a small lead in Virginia.

Allen has exposed himself in this race as being unworthy of holding public office. His campaign hit a new low when they pulled passages from Webb’s novels out of context to imply that Webb was promoting deviant sex and demeaning women. Fortunately, this pathetic attack was exposed by the Webb campaign and by the press.

Webb is an intellectual and a man of character. There are too few people like him in American politics. Allen is an empty suit that simply repeats conservative talking points. He seems incapable of expressing an original thought.

This is one of the most important races in this election cycle. Webb will bring fresh thinking and a moderate voice to the Democratic Party. He will also be an important asset in the Senate as we debate how to deal with the debacle in Iraq. Let’s hope he pulls it out.


Democrats are fighting back this year

The GOP slime machine has been in full force this year, but the Democrats have been fighting back with rapid-response counter-punches. Democrats like Sherrod Brown are benefiting from this strategy.

It will be interesting to see whether the latest wave of disgusting ads and allegations in the Tennessee and Virginia Senate races backfire against Republicans.


Jim Webb on Hardball

Here’s the video of Jim Webb’s recent appearance on Hardball. He’s on a roll.


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