McCain campaign now admits their ad was false, but they won’t “back down” from the charge

This is getting ridiculous. McCain’s campaign’s ineptitude is rivaled only by McCain himself.


Angry John McCain completes his conversion to the dark side

John McCain’s campaign is so bad it’s starting to become embarassing. He’s completely embraced Rove-style politics, but he’s so incompetent that he gets caught telling outright lies as he’s tries to destroy Obama’s reputation.

The Washington Post details how McCain’s charge that Obama wanted to bring the press along on his scheduled hospital visit in Germany is completely false. This is so lame, and it comes from a man who pledged to run an “honorable” campaign.

I always had respect for McCain, but it’s amazing how low he will go to win. That respect is gone.

He’s probably trying to bait Obama to meet him for a fight in the gutter, but I suspect Obama will not respond in kind. Obama has plenty of ammunition with McCain’s policy positions, particularly recent ones where he has embraced George Bush’s policies. He can also focus on how McCain contradicts himself almost on a daily basis. He can leave the cheap shots to supporters who will be more than happy to point out where John McCain’s actions in life don’t live up to the “honorable” standard he claims to set for himself.


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