MSNBC sucks

Their convention coverage is just pathetic, as they like hearing their own pundits talk endlessly about the Clinton drama instead of actually airing the speeches.

Montana governor Brian Schweitzer is giving a pretty good speech ripping McCain on his energy proposals. CNN is showing it. MSNBC has Andrea Mitchell conducting an interview and saying that none of the speakers are going after McCain.

Just pathetic.

Rachel Maddow gets her own show on MSNBC

Keith Olbermann announced the news on Daily Kos, and it will be officially announced tomorrow. Rachel gets the 9 pm slot, and it will be interesting to see what happens to the Dan Abrams show.

Rachel is an excellent commentator. Conservatives will howl that MSNBC is becoming even more liberal, but she is extremely talented so they can’t attack her ability.

Great move.

Cable news hysteria

The media hit a new low last week when Dana Milbank of the Washington Post reported a Barack Obama quote from a second-hand source which portrayed Obama as a self-absorbed fool who has become completely full of himself. Unfortunately, the quote was taken completely out of context, as Obama was answering a question about the big crowds and explaining it wasn’t about him at all. It was actually a humble statement.

Naturally, before the entire quote was finally reported, the media went crazy. The “arrogance” theme became the talking point of the day on every cable channel. Anyone who thinks MSNBC is in the tank for Obama needs to watch this video from Talking Points Memo.

It’s hard to find a better example of what’s wrong with cable news. They need to fill 24 hours each day, and they need to keep this race interesting to keep the lofty ratings they generated during the Obama/Clinton battles. They’s jump on anything to create a storyline for the day. It’s pathetic.

Brian dead cable news

I’ve had MSNBC on all day and I’ve heard virtually nothing about the situation in Iraq, despite the developing story regarding the increase in violence and the battles in Basra.

Of course, they’ve given plenty of air time to Barack Obama’s bowling score and the Monica Lewinsky questions lobbed at Chelsea Clinton.

MSNBC picks up Hagee story

They have a story on the web site, and Keith Olbermann addressed the story last night.

I’m amazed that McCain worked for this endorsement, and I have no idea why he is sticking with Hagee. This man is a nut, and his anti-Catholic statements are disgusting. This will be a story in the general election.

Ballot initiatives break against conservatives

Last night on MSNBC, Pat Buchanon argued that the voters were rejecting the GOP but were supporting socially conservative ballot initiatives. It turns out he spoke to soon. Conservatives suffered significant defeats in South Dakota, Missouri and Arizona.

In conservative South Dakota, the voters overwelmingly rejected a ban on all abortions by a 55-45 margin. This is a huge loss for cultural conservatives and a significant win for liberals and for libertarians. This, coupled with the outrage over the Terry Schiavo fiasco, makes it clear that most voters do not want government officials intruding into their personal lives. The social conservatives have reached too far. Hopefully Republicans will pay attention and start moving back towards the middle on social issues. As for Democrats, hopefully they will develope a backbone on these social issues. Their unwillingness to stand up to the Republicans during the Terry Schiavo controversy was shamefull.

Missouri provided the next big win for liberals by passing the stem-cell research initiative. This has become a huge wedge issue for Democrats. Hopefully this vote, along with the gains by Democrats in the House and the Senate, will lead to passage of federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research with margins sufficient to override a veto by President Bush.

Finally, Arizona is the first state to reject a constitutional ban on gay marriage. The proposed amendment would have also banned civil unions. Again, many voters apparantly believed that the social conservatives went to far. A wide majority of Americans oppose gay marriage, but more and more Americans are open to the concept of protecting legal rights for civil unions.

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