It’s stunning how far the GOP has fallen. We expected some turmoil after the party got smoked in 2006 and then again in 2008, but this is getting ridiculous.

Putting aside for a moment the hilarious ass-kissing taking place as Michael Steele and other Republicans bend to Rush Limbaugh’s knee. The GOP leadership in Congress has decided they want to play their own part in making the party look like a bunch of buffoons.

The latest and greatest idea coming from Republican geniuses like John Boehner is the “spending freeze.” Basically, their actually TRYING to sound like Herbert Hoover.

Someone has decided that Republicans need to “rebrand” themselves as spending hawks, but they’re putting that political effort over the need to drag this economy out of a recession. They can certainly argue about spending, and they can vote no on all spending bills to make their point, but a spending freeze in an economic downturn is moronic.

The Republicans deserve to be in the minority. They deserve a chairman like Michael Steele who thinks he’s the coolest man alive but who puts his foot in his mouth every day. Finally, they deserve a blowhard spokesman like Rush Limbaugh who dresses like Johnny Cash and does his best to alienate two-thirds of the country.

Meanwhile, Newsweek just released a new poll that has President Obama’s approval rating at 72%.