News Flash! – MSNBC broadcasts a REAL documentary!

I criticized MSNBC in the past for broadcasting incredibly lame, low-brow “documentaries” during MSNBC’ nightly “Doc-Block.” Instead of covering real issues of our time in these programs like the Iraq War or Social Security, MSNBC offers us an avalanche of prison documentaries. We get it already – prison sucks.

Maybe, just maybe, the brainiacs running this alleged news organization have decided that they can make room in their schedule for some of the great documentaries produced each year by all types of filmakers. Tonight they are airing “Super Size Me,” the award-winning documentary that tracks a man who eats only food from McDonald’s for one month. The results aren’t pretty. It’s informative and entertaining.

Is this the start of a trend? Let’s hope so. MSNBC should be commended.


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