The media hit a new low last week when Dana Milbank of the Washington Post reported a Barack Obama quote from a second-hand source which portrayed Obama as a self-absorbed fool who has become completely full of himself. Unfortunately, the quote was taken completely out of context, as Obama was answering a question about the big crowds and explaining it wasn’t about him at all. It was actually a humble statement.

Naturally, before the entire quote was finally reported, the media went crazy. The “arrogance” theme became the talking point of the day on every cable channel. Anyone who thinks MSNBC is in the tank for Obama needs to watch this video from Talking Points Memo.

It’s hard to find a better example of what’s wrong with cable news. They need to fill 24 hours each day, and they need to keep this race interesting to keep the lofty ratings they generated during the Obama/Clinton battles. They’s jump on anything to create a storyline for the day. It’s pathetic.