Wow. Alan Colmes is getting tough!

Here’s a clip of Alan Colmes taking on Sean Hannity and some conservative pundits who were ripping John Edwards for his admitted affair. After we get a typical tirade from Hannity about how we can’t trust someone who hasn’t been true to his wife and family, Colmes seizes on the opening and raises the issue of John McCain’s admissions that he was not faithful to his first wife.

Hannity goes crazy, arguing that this was thirty years ago and that McCain was a prisoner of war. Of course, he has a point. I don’t think we should disqualify a candidate for issues like this, particularly when it happened years ago. But, Hannity and other moralists are more than happy to scream for bright-line moral tests when they apply to Democrats, but they won’t apply the same standards to their side.

Colmes let’s him have it, and he doesn’t back down. He’s taken plenty of flack over the years for being the liberal stooge on Fox, but this clip shows that he does have his moments.

Hat tip: Fark