This ad from the Herman Cain campaign is getting a ton of attention and ridicule, and every traditional method of analysis tells us that this is another nail in the coffin of his campaign.

Yet Cain continues to lead in the polls. He keeps making ridiculous gaffes, but he still has significant support.

He’s also going very slowly with traditional campaign methods like building staff in the early primary states. He doesn’t have any organization focused on getting people to the polls.

He claims he’s running a “national” campaign, yet critics charge he’s just promoting his book or angling for a TV show on Fox.

Regardless of your politics, the Cain insurgency is fascinating to watch, and in a political climate where the Tea Party seems to love candidates more the less they look like traditional politicians, we have to ask ourselves whether this guys can actually win! It sounds nuts, but anything is possible. He doesn’t need much more than 30% support to win out.