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Conservatives gloating about Chicago’s failed Olympics bid

Here’s a good article detailing all the childish gloating from the right. This is another example of how low our politics have sunk in recent years. Conservatives used to rail against liberals for alleged “Bush Derangement Syndrome,” but the contempt and hatred for Barack Obama has reached bizarre levels on the right. Frankly, they sound like a bunch of dumb teenagers taunting a rival team.

CNN smacks down Lou Dobbs on Birther silliness

At least someone at CNN has some journalistic integrity left. Next, they need to get rid of Dobbs.

CNN President Jon Klein wrote an email last night to “Lou Dobbs Tonight” staffers telling them the Obama birth certificate story is “dead,” TVNewser reports.

“It seems this story is dead,” Klein wrote, “because anyone who still is not convinced doesn’t really have a legitimate beef.”

CNN focused on the additional information that all Hawaii records are now electronic, so they don’t produce paper copies of “original” birth certificates.

Will this end the story? Don’t bet on it. The level of hatred on the right for Obama is reaching a fever pitch.

UPDATE: A civil rights organization is demanding that CNN remove Lou Dobbs from the air.

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