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The Stadium

For all the bluster from Republicans, the images from the stadium are incredible. They’re expecting over 80,000 people, as poeple are still in line thirty minutes before Obama is scheduled to speak.

Meanwhile, John McCain’s campaign is having trouble getting 10,000 people to attend his event tomorrow in Dayton to introduce his VP.

No wonder the Republicans are trying so hard to distract everyone with idiotic talking points like the stage in the stadium.

At what point do they start to look pathetic and desperate?

John Kerry’s speech

As pointed out by Josh Marshall, John Kerry’s speech might have been the best one of the convention. The “brain trust” at MSNBC didn’t show most of it, so I caught it on CNN but didn’t get to see the whole thing. Later, MSNBC replayed parts of it, though they didn’t even have a camera covering Obama’s uncle who Kerry singled out in the crowd.

Kerry rips into McCain and the GOP, mocking them for some of the pathetic personal attacks we’ve seen so far despite McCain’s claim that he would run a respectful campaign.

Here’s the speech. It’s worth watching.

Obama and Gore tomorrow night

The media is raising the question of whether the Democrats have been tough enough so far. Biden had some tough language, but his delivery could have been much better. Both Clintons were great and they also took good shots at McCain, but they were focused more on unifying the party than ripping McCain.

I suspect Al Gore will be the guy to rip McCain to shreds tomorrow night. Gore has nothing but contempt for the current administration, and he will gladly link McCain to Bush’s failed presidency.

Obama needs to be tough as well. I have no doubt he’ll rise to the occasion given his history with speeches. He needs to show some passion, and he needs to draw very clear distinctions with McCain.

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