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NRO details Biden comments

Jim Geraghty has a long list of comments made by Joe Biden over the years about John McCain, Barack Obama and the Iraq War.

The comments about McCain are not a problem. In fact, they give Biden more credibility when he levies the harsh attack that McCain has sold out all his old principles for the purpose of trying to get elected. He can say things like: “I don’t recognize this John McCain.” It will be effective because McCain has in fact turned his back on many of the positions that made him a “maverick” in the past.

As for the statements about Obama, none of those are very bad, and Biden can easily brush those off.

The toughest ones involve Iraq. He was behind the war, and he was against pulling out. He will have to explain those statements. Now, he’s come a long way, and he knows so much about the situation in IIrag and Afghanistan that he can turn any conversation to the mess the Bush administration made, but this will be the toughest area for him in light of Obama’s hard position against the war.

That said, his overall experience should help Obama with voters who worry about Obama’s lack of experience, and he’s the perfect attack dog against the ongoing attacks from the McCain camp. He would be a good choice.

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