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Dick Morris proves he’s still an idiot

This might be the dumbest paragraph ever written.

If Obama can’t stand up to the Clintons, after they have been defeated, how can he measure up to a resurgent Putin who has just achieved a military victory? When the Georgia invasion first began, Obama appealed for “restraint” on both sides. He treated the aggressive lion and the victimized lamb even-handedly. His performance was reminiscent of the worst of appeasement at Munich, where another dictator got away with seizing another breakaway province of another small neighboring country, leading to World War II.

Sorry, but the “battle” with the Clinton drama team has nothing to do with war, and Hillary will do fine at the convention. Putin’s rise has been accelerated by the incompetent Bush administration, yet Morris is worried about Obama. So lame.

Even more pathetic is the Munich reference. If there’s any reference that indicates the intellectual laziness of the auther, it’s the attempt to equate a modern event to Munich. By referring to Hitler you usually prove you’re an idiot.

Mark Warner will deliver keynote address at Democratic Convention

This is a good choice. Mark Warner would have been the perfect pick for Obama’s running mate, but he’s running for the open Senate seat in Virginia, and he’s practically guaranteed to win.

Warner has tremendous appeal to white, Southern voters, and he is very respected on economic issues. Expect him to drive home the theme that middle class voters should be voting with the Democratic Party this year.

It’s also helpful that Warner’s keynote address will happen on the same night that Hillary Clinton speaks. He’s a unifying figure, and will give the press many talking points to blunt the invitable Clinton drama stories we can expect to hear from the press that night.

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